Is meditation retreat right for you ?

When we halt to clarify it is a religious Retreat, not one where I ‘m being pampered and massaged, as in a health spa; but, instead, one that’s a ‘working’ escape. By all reports it may truly be similar- in some ways, it’s massaging and the pampering of the spirit.

In Catholic groups, we were required to go on retreat. I recall that retreat. We likely did, although I don’t remember spending the night in the dorms. It was intimidating because I didn’t understand what to anticipate and those nuns, whom I ‘d just weekly contact with through catechism course, actually made me nervous.

I also felt a sense of prevalent peace; and a profound sense of fear for the rite and routine. I didn’t understand it at the time how important refuge would become in my life.

I ‘ve friends who ask what it’s that I do since I attend retreat often, as part of my religious practice. The underlying question is, “What’s a refuge?”

Anyone can go on a retreat, and it will not need to be at a special position or with a special organization. One can only determine that they’d like to establish a specific period to get away for religious contemplation.

Second, there isn’t any set time that’s unique to being on escape. Their time program will order, based on the home accommodations if you join up with a specific organization. A brief getaway could be a one day ‘get ’ away into a secluded place near the ocean, woods, or the mountains. I’ve been on week long ones, weekend getaways, and even more.

One can join an organized religious retreat-many are offered through churches, or there in many cases are organizations that welcome individuals interested in experiencing retreat. Some ‘retreat facilities’ hold retreats at specific times of the year for specific groups of people, i.e. girls, or single women, etc., and there’s a focus or topic that’s followed.

The focus of any spiritual retreat will be to deepen your spiritual experience that is individual. Thus, whether you are going to be listening to a spiritual teacher, at some point, together with special teachings, or sitting in quiet during meditation or prayer, it is necessary to remember the goal isn’t primarily a social gathering or time to read the most recent novel by your favorite writer.

I have come across Lola Jones who run regular Meditation Retreat in California, UK and Germany. Do check her out.

Some new updates

A few things have been happening on this side of the world.

I seem to be developing a little fear for global warming. I don’t keep on reading about it and then I get more worried. So I’ve decided to not actively seek out any information about global warming, I’ll still read the bits that come by but even then I’ll think twice.

One part that’s making me a little nervous is the fact that it’s now April and we’re still having scorching hot days in Australia. The makes me want to buy and electric care even more now. I really want a Tesla Model S. No sure if you saw recently the release of the model 3, it looks cool but according to Elon musk, it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the model S or the model X. I don’t really want the model X, not really an SUV type of dude.

One of the main reasons I want a Model S is the fact that it has autopilot, that just looks so cool. Here’s a video of someone trying it out.

The thing I want to find more about is the charging, the battery life and how it works with A/C which is a really vital thing if you live in Australia.

Anther cool thing is the acceleration of the car, damn they look fast. Instant 100% torque. Not as fast as some supercars but still holy crap it looks quick.

It seems that autopilot is a thing for Elon Musk. For example, the latest video from spaceX shows one of their rockets landing in an upright position all on its own. Apparently when it happened Elon tweeted the I’m on a boat song playing over the footage of the rocket landing, but then not long after deleted the video. I think he probably deleted it due to copy write violation not that he later though it was untasteful. That’s another thing I like about Elon, the fact that he has a solid sense of humor.

I think he’s just naturally funny, but even still the linking/loving bias would hit you hard at this point, hence why so many people qued up to pre-order the model 3, a car no one has ever even seen and paid $1,000 for it.

the life of a billionaire! I read his book that the Ashley Vance wrote on him, really good read! it sounds like he is super super smart, and read a lot when he was a kid. I’d recommend the book to everyone even if you’re not a hardcore Elon fan like myself.

I’ll dial this down and let my fanboy-ness write another post at another time. Until then!


So who knows what?

That’s right you heard me, I asked the questions that may seem grammatically incorrect, but you know what’s up. To end the diversion I want to know who know’s what about SEO?

The reason I ask is that this blog that I’ve just started up, well, it’s brand new (see what I did there ;). It ain’t got nothing on it and it got no reputation. It’s a big world out there and an even bigger internet so you gotta make a name for yourself somehow.

You can do it the old fashioned way and build it up slowly, but why not put it on legal steroids? Arnold Schwarzenegger did it and made millions and became the champion and even got the girl! He got the girl!!! So why can’t we do it?

Just looks at that bodacious and bountiful chest!

Now after that 135 character introduction let’s have a looks at the main point of topic, I present to you, without further ado, SEO!

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimisation, I’m not entirely sure what that means so you might want to check out the wiki article for it. What I know in lamens terms is that SEO will get your website ranked in Google for the keywords you want. How they do it is a mystery to me but it works. They say it may not work forever but at least for now it does and that makes me happy.

So my story comes in here, I heard of this type of SEO wizardry and wondered if it could be of benefit to me. After a buttload of research I found AKAP, they are Brisbane based just like me so I got someone local I can talk to. Although they assured me that you don’t necessarily need someone local to do your SEO. For instance you could get someone from the USA to do your SEO even if you lived in the UAE.

None the less these guys are currently working on my site now to get it ranked. Check out their SEO site here. And if you’re super keen you can check out their Twitter too.

Now it’s a little bit too early to tell you exactly how well they did the job. I’ll do another post to tell you how it went in a couple of months or so. I know there are no tangible results now but I was just a little bit too excited when I realised what they can do. That or maybe I need to switch to decaf.

If you have any questions you want to ask me on anything you can always leave a comment and I’ll magically or no so magically get an email notification so I can get back to you. I don’t always reply, it usually depends on how much stuff I’ve got to do that day/that week. But hey, try and let’s see how we go.

I also take request on what topics you guys want to hear about. So make some request, sort of like a cover band. Don’t be afraid to if you think they are difficult topics, I like to read and I like to be challenged. Feel free to critique the articles if you think they suck, please make sure that it’s constructive criticism too. If it’s blatant abuse You’ll be blocked, this will be the first and last warning for the blocking (my feelings are sensitive!!).

Also we do guest blogging, so if you want to write on this site or start to help contribute regularly, that we can do!

Over and out for now, have a good night and until the next time! 😀 😀

P.S. Read about SEO it’ll blow your mind!


Here is a video of cats for fun!!! 😀 😀 😀

The band is still setting up!

So it looks like you’ve gotten to the venue a little early, before the band has arrived! Never fear dear reader they’ll arrive momentarily (a plus getting to the venue early you might catch a glimpse of you favorite artist or possibly get an autograph!).

Okay so check back here and we’ll be closer to up and running, perhaps even playing our first song (a.k.a. blog post). 😉 😉

Cya soon!